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Social Media Guidelines

WTA Social Media and website are intended to help pass on pertinent and relevant information from Western Teachers Association and/or the Manitoba Teachers’ Society to their members. The social media page is also used to promote the image of Western Teachers’ Association in order to be more visible and accessible to Western Teachers’ Association members. Posts should be neutral and not reflect personal opinion. Posts are not intended to be political or polarizing.


Maintain Confidentiality

Information about members will remain private. Social Media contacts will not be shared and members and non-members will not be tagged or named in posts unless permission is given. Western Teachers’ Association will not post confidential or proprietary information.


Western Teachers’ Association members or non-members can request to have their image removed from any of our social media pages or website and it will be done as soon as possible. Requests are best made using the Western Teachers’ Association president’s email and/or phone, but can also be made via private message on the social media platform.


Maintain Member Privacy

WTA will not discuss events or situations involving named or pictured individuals on a social media site without their permission. As a guideline, Western Teachers’ Association will not post anything that would not present in any public forum. Images or messages used on the Social Media pages or the WTA website should represent Teachers’ and the Association at the same professional standard as the Manitoba Teachers’ Code of Conduct.

Please join us Saturday June 22nd!

MTS will also be in attendance and have free Proud MB Teacher t-shirts for those who don't have one already.

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MTS 100th Anniversary T-Shirts

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