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Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the Workplace, whether from parents, coworkers, employers or students is unacceptable. Too often the view on violence in our schools is that it is simply a part of the job.


Teachers need to do their part to ensure that we recognize violence the workplace and report it. Having accurate reporting of workplace violence helps to ensure we have the information to recognize problems and allows for meaningful changes to be made.

The following is a commitment pulled from Western Administrative Procedures and is recognized by the School Administration, Division Administration, Western Teachers' Association, CUPE, and Western School Division Board of Trustees.

“The Western School Division is committed to providing in its schools a safe, secure environment that supports the intellectual and emotional growth of all its students and staff. Maintaining that environment is a priority in the Division.

To resolve situations in which the safety and/or security of any student or staff is threatened, the Division expects that all students and staff will immediately report and respond to any such challenge. The Division works with the entire community to remedy these situations, beginning at the school level. Management will take corrective action with anyone under their direction who subjects an employee to violence.”

WTA encourages our members to report violence and are always open and ready to talk if you need more information. The form for making a report is available on the Western School Division website (link to pdf HERE) and is also available under the Forms tab of

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