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The Long View on Public Education

Thursday March 7, 2019


Hold Line on tax increases or face administration cut, Manitoba Education Minister warns division

Tuesday March 5, 2019

Goertzen Defends .5% Increase in Funding to School Divisions

Wednesday January 30, 2019


BRODBECK: Former Tory education minister may have some unfinished business

Monday January 27, 2019

RELEASE: MB Teachers React to Funding Announcement


January 24, 2019


Public school funding announced against Education Review backdrop

2019-20 funds not nearly enough to maintain programs


For the third year in a row, the Manitoba government has announced a real dollar drop in funding for public schools. And the prospect of doing more with even less next school year against the background of a major K-12 education review does not sit well with Manitoba teachers.


“No matter how you slice it, a .5% “increase” doesn’t even play catch up to roughly 2% inflation and increases in student enrollment,” says Manitoba Teachers’ Society President Norm Gould. “Teachers face more diverse student needs than ever. This announcement will not help.”


In addition, Gould says the province is once again directing divisions to cap increases to their local education property tax at two per cent for the 2019-20 school year and will ask divisions to continue to cut administrative costs.


A detailed backgrounder sheet distributed along with today’s government news release detailed winners and losers among individual divisions, “with fewer getting increases”, said Gould.


As for yesterday’s announcement of the K-12 Education Review Commission, the MTS President says the Society is onboard.


“We are pleased to see the education review getting underway and we’re hopeful that the recommendations will address funding shortfalls for public schools so that students can get the resources and help they need in every corner of the province.”


Winnipeg Students talk Education and Diversity with Barack Obama

Monday March 4, 2019


School Division Looks into Social Media Post Insulting Justin Trudeau

Thursday February 14, 2019


Winnipeg School Division may disregard province on funding cap

Thursday February 14, 2019


1 arrested after Winnipeg teens stabbed at school:police

Thursday February 12, 2019


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