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How much are my WESTTA fees?

Your WESTTA fees for the 2019-2020 school year is $145. They were deducted from our October and February cheques.

Can I increase my TRAF Contributions?

Yes, you can increase your TRAF contributions! Through your employer you can make voluntary contributions to the plan. They will count towards your allowable pension contribution under the Income Tax Act.

Where do I find reporting forms for violent incidents?

The WSD incident report form can be found at:

How can I find out more about my benefits?

Benefit information can be found at under “Health & Benefits” and then “MTS Group Benefits.”

Is the division required to provide time for report card writing?

The division is not required to provide time to teachers for report card writing.

If I am directed to cover another teacher's class during my scheduled preparation time, what should I do?

If you are directed to cover a teacher's classroom, you should do as asked by your supervisor. It is important to contact a WESTTA representative and explain what has happened so that there is a record of these events happening.

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