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WESTTA Professional Development Connections

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For more information, contact Joanne Bradley, WESTTA Indigenous Education Chair.

Mental Health and Wellness for the Workplace through St. John Ambulance and TEMA Foundation

Attendee: Shawna Dobbelaere, MCI

This full day Zoom session was offered through LIFT on MTS PD Day October 23, 2020. There were two facilitators: Deborah, a teacher and massage therapist of 30 years and Sue, an instructor for St. John Ambulance with a background in social work. There were only six participants which allowed ample opportunity for sharing and participation.


The workshop began with definitions of mental health, stigma, mental health injuries and illness. We then looked at the Mental Health and Wellness Awareness Guide for the Workplace’s four stages: Distress -> Worrisome -> Struggling -> Resilient and strategies for each of them.


Building awareness of my own mental health and wellness as well as others around me during times of pandemic and rapid change will be helpful! The session concluded by guiding us through scenarios and role playing with the TEMA Model to support colleagues.

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